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Fight against hunger and climate flight

Glückliches Porträt

Raising awareness of climate change only works if it is made understandable.

Traditionelles afrikanisches Kleid

Aquaponics as a remedy against hunger 

Climate change is a global phenomenon. For this reason we engage global.

Our goal: Fighting hunger and climate flight worldwide by developing a special aquaponics prototype including seeds/fish fry/insect breeding, as well as training/coaching and financing, which is aligned to the harvest cycles. First experiences in the construction of a large plant in Muhanga/Rwanda with a capacity of more than 7 tons of fish per year. A permanent exhibition in our facility provides information about our worldwide activities.


Would you like to learn more about our aquaponic facility? Then read on here.

Geschirr spülen
Hände halten Fisch
Image by Rachel Martin

Aquaponic construction
in Kigali Rwanda

The plant will produce 12t of fish per year. The waste products of the fish fertilize the nearby fields.


The water used in the fish tanks not only fertilizes the vegetables (lettuces, basil). At the same time, the plants clean the water, which is returned to the fish as fresh water.


With other waste products (fish and vegetable leftovers), insects are grown as fish food and mushrooms in the system. 

Extensions and first harvest at the Muhanga facility

Aquaponics in Vietnam

As part of the "Water: Blessings and Curses" workshop, we introduced a group of 19 students from Africa, Asia and South America to the planning and implementation of aquaponic systems.


In addition to achieving the SDGs, the aspect of saving water in aquaponics played a central role.

El Sadat, Egypt

Successful construction of an aquaponics prototype for training and food security for private households in El Sadat City, Egypt.

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