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High-quality food with no impact on the climate


Aquaponics: what is it about?

Aquaponics = Plant that enables both the production of fish and vegetables in a closed water cycle.


The special: The system is largely self-sufficient through the metabolic products.


In addition, there is a self-cleaning through the constantly ongoing biochemical processes.


In addition to high-quality fertilizer, German noble crayfish, feed insects and edible mushrooms are produced as "by-products". Everything in organic quality.

What are the advantages of the approach?

How did the idea of aquaponics come about?

In South Asian countries, life and production in harmony with natural resources in agriculture is closely intertwined with lifestyle. Pond aquaculture is also part of the agricultural tradition. The sustainability and benefits of different organisms for agricultural production were recognized early on and they have been used effectively for thousands of years. In view of increasing man-made climate changes, ideas and necessities of ecological and sustainable production and consumption are increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives. Ideas of ecological and regional production and versatile use of natural resources are important indicators for the future of the planet and for the survival of all species on earth.

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